Museums and Galleries


RudolfinumGalerie Rudolfinum

This representative Neo-Renaissance building including a concert hall, a gallery and a café is managed and financed by the Ministry of Culture. It is the place, where you can hear the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Rudolfinum was built in 1884 by Josef Zítek and Josef Schulz. Come to enjoy a wonderful evening inside this beautiful building with a specific sublime atmosphere while listening to the classical music.

The National Museum

This institution is one of the oldest concerning the scientific research. The museum also targets on experimental development, whose results are public in the way of different expositions, exhibitions, public lectures or pedagogical publications. The National Museum issues its own scientific journal. The National Museum has several buildings with different permanent exhibitions.

NáprstkovoNáprstek Museum

This museum owns a collection of ethnographic and artistic artefacts. These exhibits were collected during expeditions of the famous Czech ethnographer Vojta Náprstek (formerly Adalbert Fingerhut) and his friends around the world. The exhibitions targets on non-European cultures showing us the real life of almost disappeared nations. Come to see an exciting journey to the history of nations..

Muzeum hudbyMuseum of Music

This museum is placed in old Baroque church in the Lesser Town of Prague. The permanent exhibition called Man–Instrument–Music, show us musical instruments as remarkable evidence of skill in craft and art. It explains the instruments as a medium between human being and the music itself. You will meet there not only the classical style of music but also the most alternative ways.

SmetanaBedřich Smetana Museum

The whole exposition is devoted to the life of one of the most famous Czech composers, who is known worldwide too – Bedřich Smetana. The Bedřich Smetana Museum is situated in a Neo-Renaissance building, which was a former water-station on the shore of River Vltava. Here can see Smetana’s greatest masterpieces along with other written documents, personal effects, and pictorial materials from his estate.

P1470813Antonín Dvořák Museum

“The Journeys of Antonín Dvořák” is the name of the permanent exhibition, which goes through his entire life and shows us not only his masterpiece but also his personal life. This museum is situated in a villa, which was built at the beginning of the 18th century. The museum gathers and looks after the documents concerning Maestro’s life and work. It possesses a unique collection of Dvořák’s music autographs and correspondence, authentic photographs and other documents.

LapidáriumLapidary Museum

This specific exhibition presents stone monuments carved in Bohemia between the 11th and the 19th centuries. The exhibitions also informs its visitors about the whole process of creating sculptures beginning by mining through the stone carving to the final care about the old and damaged artefacts. All the monuments exhibited were made by the hands of both ordinary and excellent stone cutters and sculptors.

EtnografickéEthnographical Museum

This museum documents traditional folk culture of all the Czech lands – Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia since the year 1901. The newly renovated collection of precious exhibits was nominated to the European Museum of the Year Award in 2007. The museum presents the ordinary life in the Czech countryside and all the festivities and folklore events linked to this rustic way of life of our predecessors from the 18th to the 20th century.

neviditelná výstavaThe Invisible Exhibition

This is a unique interactive exhibition, which takes us on a special journey through the life of blind people living in the invisible world. In the total darkness you will have to orientate yourself only by using your hands and ears. After this special tour you will be able to understand more how difficult it could be, but also how enhancing it is to be able to use all of your sense more than before.

IMG_20160708_192016The Wax Museum in Prague

Would you like to meet the legend of the pop music Michael Jackson again? How does it sound if we arrange you a meeting with the actor, who created the character of Harry Potter, the most popular magician in the world? This opportunity is not a dream; you can meet all the famous people at one place in the wax museum in Prague.

Grévin Wax Museum

This wax museum where you can meet all the famous personas of the world in divided into several parts. The first room is made as an alchemistic laboratory of the Emperor Rudolf II; other room is dedicated to the famous sportsmen of the world. Then you can take a historical tour meeting Czech kings as the Charles IV or later statesmen such as T. G. Masaryk, the president and liberator. Inside the museum you can also find a ball room or the Magic Theatre. After finishing the adventure journey, you can join the workshop and create your own virtual wax figure.

IMG_20160708_192226Museum of Torture

Would you like to something extraordinary? Visit the museum of the medieval torture in Prague. Exhibits in this museum show all the methods, which were used for making pain to the prisoners during the medieval times. The museum is placed in the Old Town of Prague and you can find there around 60 torture instruments. This museum is not recommended to weak-stomach visitors!

MuchaMucha Museum

The Museum of Alfons Mucha is dedicated to the world-acclaimed Czech artist, who worked during the art nouveau era. The exhibition goes through his life and work and it is housed in the Baroque Kaunický palace in the centre of Prague. The collection comprises of over than a hundred of paintings, photographs drawings and lithographs.

KafkaFranz Kafka Museum

This new exhibition was opened in Prague in 2005. The worldwide known write was born in Prague in 1883. His body was buried in the New Jewish Cemetery in Strašnice – Prague. The exhibition consists of two parts – Existential space and Imaginary Topography. The exhibition presents the relation between the city and the writer. The traces of this fabulous writer can be found also in the rest of the city.

GallerieGallerie chez Annamarie

This small gallery was established in 2002 in the Lesser Town in Prague. You will find the shop hidden in a picturesque courtyard from the 14th century. This small gallery is along with other similar small gallery shops in Prague the ideal place to stop and have a look at different types of art made by less know artist creating not less beautiful or precious masterpieces, which you can also buy.

Užité uměníMuseum of Decorative Arts

This museum collects examples of historical and contemporary crafts. You can find there different precious and interesting pieces in various designs and styles, which decorated houses of our predecessors. During the visit, you will see the harmony between function, beauty and quality, which was important mainly during the age of the modern style in the 20th century.

PiccasoMiro Gallery

Miro gallery is a small exhibition space placed in a Baroque church in the complex of the Strahov Monastery. It is now used by a successful Slovak art dealer, who houses there one of his Prague galleries. You can purchase there affordable modern art masterpieces as well as the more precious ones made by Dali, Braque or Picasso.

Muzeum alchymieMuseum of Alchemy

Would you be interested in a mysterious tour back to the times of the medieval chemistry? During this exhibition you can see how the old alchemists were looking for the higher purpose and harmony of the spheres. Enter this amazing exhibitions place in the historical cellars of the Prague underground and explore the secret of the Eternal Youth Elixir and get a bit of its magical energy. The newly opened laboratories were discovered during a reconstruction of an historical building in the Old Town of Prague.

Pivovar 2Beer Museum

During a tour through this exhibition you will have the chance to see, how the best beer in the world is made. The guide will tell you something about the history of this amazing and tasteful beverage. To emphasise the experience, whole space of the cellars is authentic former brewery from the 13th century with all the original artefacts, which were used to dame this tasty drink. In the showroom you can also taste different types of beer.

KomunismusMuseum of Communism

This museum presents a vivid memory on the Communist Era, which took place in our history for decades. The exhibition focuses on the history of communism regime in Czechoslovakia in general and also on the live during those times in Prague particularly. This cruel regime concerned not only political field but also all parts of the everyday live, sport economics, arts or education. It is the only museum in Prague devoted to the history of this system. All the exhibits are original and authentic artefact from those times.

muzeum 2Kampa Museum

The Kampa Museum takes care of many precious collections, which comprises mainly two icons of art of the 20th century – František Kupka and Otto Gutfreund. Those two exhibitions are permanent but other rooms host various interesting temporary expositions every month. You can find there mainly the modern art masterpieces not only from the Central Europe but also made by other international artist. On the list of those personas, who have been exhibited here you can find for example Yoko Ono, Piet Mondrian or Andy Warhol.

NGNational Gallery in Prague

This state-owned art gallery has the largest art collection in the Czech Republic. Therefore it is not housed only in one building. In Prague, you can find several places, in both historical and modern buildings, where these collections are treasured. The largest exhibition space is in the functionalism building of the Trade Fair Palace (Veletržní Palác in Czech), which houses collections of the modern art on 6 storeys.

It is one the largest museums in Central Europe. All the buildings are listed below:

KbelyPrague Aviation Museum

Prague’s museum of aviation is placed in the premises of the military airport in Kbely, district of Prague. The programme for restoration and recovering the historical artefacts concerning the aviation industry started in 1960’s in the Prague Military Museum. One hangar at the airport is now used for housing this beautiful collection of about 50 aircrafts.

TechnickéCzech Technical Museum

This museum houses collections from different technical and industrial fields over centuries. In the space of this building you can find many interesting and in several cases unique exhibits. Not only the oldest cars or planes are exhibited here, but also an archive and a library comprising vast collections of technically concerned documents can be found here. The tour through this museum will take you back to your childhood again.

P1060279Czech Cubism Exhibition

Exhibition of the Czech Cubism is placed in the impressive cubistic building called House of the Black Madonna, which is designed by the architect Josef Gočár, the representative of this architectonical style typical right for the Czech Republic. The Cubism is a purely Czech invention not only in the field architecture but in design as well. The interior is also cubistic and the café, which is placed in the first floor offers its visitor a special experience as it is the only cubist café in the world.

moderní uměníMuseum of Contemporary Arts

The DOX is the name for the gallery of contemporary arts. It is a multi-functional exhibition space targeting on the latest art, design and architecture. It was established as thanks to a private initiative in the place of the former factory. Therefore these premises are the best place for housing the contemporary art exhibits. The mission of this gallery is to present this type of art with a context of important social and global topics.

DinoparkDino Park

This educational Park, which is worldwide know ha its museum also in Prague. You will never be boring during a tour in this museum even though you are already mature! The collection comprises of several life-size models of different specious of dinosaurs. Some of them even move and roar, so it is the most exciting museum tour for your children and you as well. But you don’t have to be worried about your life. Special attraction is also a real prehistoric tree, which grew in the era of dinosaurs. There are only 39 specimens in the world.

stará kuchyněMuseum of Gastronomy

Guides of this museum will take you to the history of gastronomy, the most important industry field in our lives. This museum is a novelty in this category and there are only few of them in the world. The museum show mainly the traditional way of preparing the food and the attitude to food that had changed a lot during the time. You can find there also some authentic artefacts, there were used for preparation of meals in the past.

miniaturní hračkyMuseum of miniatures

The Museum of Miniatures in Prague, which is placed near the Prague Castle, manages one of the largest collections of miniatures in the world, comprising 29 exhibits such as wooden models of camels in the eye of a needle, the smallest book of the world recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records etc.

MHDMuseum of Public Transport

This beautiful museum is placed in the Střešovice depot. You can find there a unique collection of exhibits presenting the history of the urban mass transit in the capital city of the Czech Republic. This exhibition was opened in 1993 by the Prague Public Transport Company, which provides public transport in the streets of the city. It comprises of over 40 historical vehicles and many other exhibits such as models of cars, buses and trams; photographs; historical documents or tickets and blueprints.

LegoMuseum of Lego Bricks

This kind of museum is very specific. It is not only the museum but also a shop, where you can buy boxes with the most popular brick toy in the world. It targets on the history of this unique building kit, which has an honoured title „the toy of the century“. Inside the museum you can find about 2500 models divided in 20 theme parts. To create this specific exhibition, it must have been used more than one million of these little bricks. If you once enter this museum, you will want to be the child again.

KávaMuseum of Coffee

The Museum of Coffee houses an exhibition, which shows us the culture of coffee from its inception. This exhibition follows the centuries of the production of this tasteful drink, which is definitely inherent to this contemporary world. The exhibition presents the information very simply and understandably and it is as colourful as coffee itself in its place of home. You can find there exhibits concerning production and serving of this amazing drink such as machines for the preparing, roasting, grinding of the coffee.

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