The National Theatre

This state building is a monument of a great importance of Czech history and art and it houses one of the most famous institutions in the Czech Republic concerning the cultural scene of this country. The whole ensemble of the National Theatre comprises three smaller artistic ensembles: opera, ballet and drama. All of them you can see on the stage of this jewel of the Czech Neo-renaissance architectural style. The whole institution has also other buildings in Prague: the New Scene, the Theatre of the Estates and the Kolowrat Theatre.

StavovskéEstates Theatre

The Estates Theatre, Stavovské divadlo in Czech, is a historical theatre building situated in the Old Town of Prague. It is the part of the National Theatre institution and performs with three artistic ensembles: opera, ballet, and drama. Come to see the the richly decorated interiors and enjoy the noble atmosphere during watching one of the best performances, that you can see on the Czech scene.

LaternaLaterna Magika

This theatre targets on a new experimental performances dealing with pure contemporary dance and multimedia. Using a video mapping or other types of projections enhance the performance with a new dimension, which creates an illusory space. This new way of theatre is something you should definitely see and experience as it is the way of creating something new an extraordinary, which broadens our minds and pulls us behind the set boarders of the ordinary day.

Představení Faust_foto 2The Black Theatre

This kind of theatre is based on the creative way of exploration of the very old trick, which was thought up thousands years ago in ancient Asia called the black cabinet. Black theatre deals with different means of expressing thoughts and feelings. It talks to audience through music, dance and body language and sounds without any formal lines spoken. This theatre is also specific for its little mystery. Even after the end of this performance you won’t stop thinking about how they managed to do something like this.

Meet Factorydivadlo

Meet Factory is a non-profit institution serving as the centre of the contemporary art. It was founded in 2001 by the famous Czech artist David Černý. This creative group is placed in an industrial building in Prague’s quarter Smíchov, in a specific space wedged in between a motorway and a rush railroad. The building houses not only a gallery or a club but also a theatre, which shows the alternative way of this cultural scene. The theatre programme targets on contemporary prose and other specific projects, which involves musicians or amateurs.

concertMusical Theatre Karlín

This musical theatre is housed in a beautiful pseudo Baroque building in a big and rush traffic junction district called Florenc. The former building served as a place for performing the cabarets and circus shows. Nowadays you can see there various theatre performances, mainly for musicals and operettas. Among the elaborations of this theatre belong the famous Dracula, My Fair Lady, Hello Dolly or Singing in the Rain. So, if you like musical, you should definitely visit this theatre and enjoy the evening while listening to the famous songs.

muzikálBroadway Theatre

This theatre is one of the most popular in Prague as it targets on classical Czech musicals. The ensemble consists of many famous actors, who are loved by the audience. The Broadway Theatre is an underground theatre situated near the Powder Tower in The Old Town of Prague. The theatre is open almost every day for the evening performances, which are worthy seeing, so do not hesitate to visit it and have an unforgettable experience.

LoutkovéPuppet Theatre (with hand-language translations)

This theatre called officially the Empire of Puppets Theatre was founded by the academic sculptor Vojta Sucharda. Every theatre season, which is from October to April, the theatre presents about 100 performances for an audience of approximately 10 000 spectators. Nearly the theatre started cooperation with the Czech Interpreter Chamber on a new project, which translates the elaborations into the Czech hand-language.

VyšehradSummer Theatre at Vyšehrad

This fortified complex situated on the top of a rocky hill upon River Vltava offers an amazing place for performing drama. The surrounding of the main dominant, the church of St Peter and Paul, creates a very romantic scene and the theatre performances fit here pretty well. If it does not rain, it is a good opportunity how to spend the hot summer evenings out. The open air theatre performs various genres of drama, but mainly comedies. From time to time also concerts take place there.

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