Czech immersion

P1060203asToday speaking a foreign language is a must. Not only does it make your travelling easier, but it also opens incredible opportunities when building a career.

Our Czech educational programmes and courses are mostly situated in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Czech, formerly known as Bohemian, is a West Slavic language spoken by over 10 million people. It is the official language of the Czech Republic, one of the twenty three official languages of the European Union.

You are immersed into a new language environment. The whole package not only includes language classes, but also a cultural and educational programme, filled with stunning sightseeing tours and other exciting activities. You will be able to overcome the language barrier and also get acquainted with the lives of local people.

We can offer you a wide range of programmes and language courses. All of them having an excellent reputation and top quality level of teaching.

  • Czech language training combined with out-of-class activities, trips or excursions
  • Cultural programmes tailored to our clients equirements for groups or individuals
  • Summer, short-term and long-term cross cultural programmes and language courses
  • Flexible programme and course start dates & length
  • Workshops, lectures, visits to professional work places, library excursions etc
  • Discussions and meetings at educational institutions and universities
  • Accommodation, transfers, translation and other services
  • 24 hour emergency and training support

Prague is the perfect choice for your study programme and especially for a Czech language course.

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