Seminars and lectures

Prague has everything you need to create a memorable study or business trip.IMG_0251

Study programs for schools, excursions, seminars or lectures for groups interested in particular fields:

Economics & Business

  • Current economical situation in the Czech Republic
  • Business management
  • Finance and economics
  • Marketing & Sale
  • Logistics
  • The transformation from command to market economy
  • Visit to a factory including a discussion with managing representatives


  • IMG_0133Contemporary political system in the Czech Republic
  • International relationships
  • Velvet revolution in 1989 and its impact on the lives of Czech people
  • International policy, position in Europe
  • The Czech Republic and the European Union
  • Jewish in the Czech Republic – history and tradition
  • Meeting and discussions with Deputies or Representatives of political parties
  • Reception at the Old Town Hall
  • Visit to the Parliament with a meeting with Representatives
  • Law order in the Czech Republic
  • Public administration on state and community level
  • Crime and security system
  • Visit of The Court House including a discussion with a judge or solicitor


  • IMG_4757Car production – excursion to the Škoda Car factory in Mladá Boleslav incl. a lecture
  • Glass industry – excursion to a Glass or China ceramics factory incl. a lecture on glass history
  • Czech Air and military – excursion to the Schwarzenberg palace


  • Contemporary situation in the Czech agriculture
  • Hunting
  • Czech winery
  • Visit to a farm


  • IMG_0136Urbanism and planned development of the city of Prague
  • Monument protection
  • To every style from Roman period to Contemporary arts and buildings

Nature  & Ecology

  • Environmental protection in the Czech Republic
  • National museum
  • Planetarium
  • Zoo garden

Culture & History

  • Charles IV.
  • Franz Kafka
  • W. A. Mozart
  • German writers in PragueIMG_0134
  • Alfons Mucha
  • The Library of the Premonstratensien Monastery
  • Hussite with the Bethlehem Chapel
  • Jewish in Prague
  • The World War II Memorials Terezin and Lidice
  • The Schwarzenbergs in Bohemia

Education & pedagogy

  • Educational system in the Czech Republic
  • Charles´s university – excursion incl. a lecture
  • J. A. Comenius: work and life
  • School and university visits and meetings with students and teacher

Health and social system

  • Medical treatments

Tourism & City

  • City administration
  • City planning
  • Hotel and restaurant
  • Spa resorts
  • Ecotourism

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