Educational facilities


University of Economics

The University of Economics in Prague is the biggest public university in the field of economics in the Czech Republic. This university has already celebrated its 63rdanniversary in 2016. The University of Economics has six faculties offering a broad range of study branches in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree study programs for its applicants. Five faculties are located in the center of Prague – the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, the Faculty of International Relations, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics and the Faculty of Economics. The Faculty of Management is situated in the town of Jindřichův Hradec.

This university has around 18,000 students. Bachelor degrees are offer in English and Russian as well. The University of Economics is ranked as one of the best “business schools” in Central and Eastern Europe every year.

This university is successful also in the international cooperation. Its faculties currently works with more than 220 partners from different countries. The university hosts about 700 outgoing students every year. The university is a member of many international organisations such as the international strategic alliance CEMS (Global Alliance in Management Education) and PIM (Partnership in International Management).

Charles University

Charles University is the leading research university combining high-quality science, research and education even on the global scale. The University was founded on 7 April 1348 in Prague by Charles IV, King of Bohemia and King of the Romans, as the first university north of the Alps and east of Paris. Charles University is one of the oldest European universities. The university has 17 faculties in different humanitarian fields and several of them are also in other cities in the Czech Republic. Some of the faculties are following:

  • Theological Faculties
  • Faculties of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové
  • Faculty of Arts, Science, Mathematics and Physics, Humanities, Law
  • Faculty of Education, Social Sciences, Physical Education and Sport

The University endeavours to be open to talented students, excellent teachers and researchers from both the Czech Republic and abroad, and be open to the society in general as well. Today the university host around 51 400 students, which makes this university the biggest one in the country and one of the biggest universities in whole Europe.

Czech Academy of Sciences

The Czech Academy of Sciences (the CAS) is a complex of 54 public research institutions spread throughout whole country. This academic institution employs over 8,000 people and more than a half of them are researchers with university degrees. The primary mission of the CAS is to lead a basic research in a very broad range of the natural, technical and social sciences and the humanitarian fields. Scientists of the Academy institutes also participate in the educational sphere, particularly through the doctoral studies. The Academy also takes part in numerous international research projects. The Academy of Sciences is financed primarily from the state budget.

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