Factories and Institutions


image1The Czech National Bank

The CNB is the central bank of the Czech Republic, the supervisor of the Czech financial market and the Czech resolution authority. The exhibition People & Money illustrates the history of money evolution from flint to digital money and chips.

Duration: 2 hours

image2The Parliament

For those who are interested how it works in the Senat or The House of the Deputies, there are excursion with commentary through the buildings of the Parliament. The tour begins with a projection of a short film on the activities of the Parliament in the information centre. Then a tour of important areas of interpretation follows, which includes a visit to the vestibule, gallery guests in the main meeting hall and adjoining areas.

Duration: 2 hours

image3The Old Town Hall

Historical halls boasting precious paintings, a Gothic chapel, looking at the figures of the Apostles, gothic observation tower, the clock and the Romanesque and Gothic cellars with their history exhibition, all this is hidden in the Old Town Hall.

Duration: 1 hour

image4The New Town Hall

The New Town Hall is the administrative centre of Prague’s medieval New Town Quarter, or „Nové Město“. The New Town Hall dates back to the reign of King Charles IV. In 1419 it was the site of the first of the three defenestrations in Prague.

Duration: 1 hours

image5The Kotva Shopping Mall

The shopping mall called Kotva (Anchor) originated between 1970 and 1975, designed by Czech architects Mr and Mrs Machonin. It was built by a Swedish construction company SIAB. Floor plan consists of numerous hexagonal, which are interconnected. Anchor has five above-ground floors with ten interconnected escalators.

Duration: 0,5 hour

image6The Máj (My) Shopping Mall

„My“ is a department store, which started life in Communist days and was named Máj. On six floors ‚My‘ offers fashion, shoes, accessories, beauty and electronical products, toys, home textile and kitchenware, souvenirs and groceries all under one roof.

Duration: 0,5 hour

image7Prague Airport tours

The Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is an attractive place where one can absorb the atmosphere of distant places, experience remarkable adventures and imbibe knowledge. It is a place that inspires its visitors to discover something new. Not only your travels, but also a visit of the airport’s places “behind the scene” may become an unforgettable experience.

Duration: 2 hours

image8SKODA Auto Museum

Vaclav Laurin & Vaclav Klement started their own business in Mlada Boleslav in 1895 – today SKODA is one of the world’s oldest automotive brands, and the Museum highlights this history in the most authentic of places, the original production halls in which the company manufactured cars until 1928.

Duration: 2 hours

image9Factory tour in SKODA Auto

During this tour through the Skoda Auto factory you will have the opportunity to see the whole process of the assembly of the cars. You will begin with the smallest pieces separated from each other and after few hours, the will be a new car standing.

Duration: 2 hours

image10The Strahov Monastic Brewery

The Strahov Monastic Brewery is located in the area of the Strahov Monastery. The first documentation on the brewery comes from the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. The current brewery offers to its guests the possibility of excursions to the brewery together with having a food and drink in its restaurant.

Duration: 1 hour

image11Brewery tour U Fleků

The Brewery and Restaurant U Fleků is one of the most famous and most visited Czech cultural sites. The tour of the brewery U Fleků is comprised of a beer tasting, a short video, an explanation of brewing processes and history of the brewery, and of course a visit in a cellar and a brewhouse. Each guest also gets a brewery souvenir.

Duration: 45 minutes

image12U Medvídků Restaurant

The history of this restaurant dates back to 1466. In the past century the original brewery was converted into the first Prague cabaret and also into the one of the biggest beerhall in Prague. You can order a special beer menu here, which consists for example of a neck of pork marinated in dark beer and a beer ice cream as a dessert.

Duration: 1 hour

Tour of the Prague’s brewery

Beer lovers – learn about the production of this most famous of Czech drinks here with us. A guide will show you round the brew house, the open fermenting room and the lager cellar. And at the end we will reveal the secret recipe for brewing our Novoměstský beer.

Duration: 1 hour


image13Ajeto Glassworks

Ajeto Lindava produces luxurious and exclusive glass, which can be seen in many art galleries around the world. You can watch the masters work during an excursion. You can see the interior on your own eyes. You will have the unique opportunity to observe, how hot molten glass material changes in the hands of master glassmakers.

Duration: 1 hours

image14Glassworks Harrachov

The current production portfolio of the glassworks is above all made of luxurious stemware, decorative and domestic glass and crystal chandeliers. The glass factory is capable of melting more than 30 different colors and manufacturing approximately 40 thousand stemware glasses a month.

Duration: 1 hour

image15Moser Glassworks in Carlsbad

Live through the unforgettable experience of seeing Moser glassmakers at work at the Moser glassworks in Karlovy Vary! See the perfection with which products are crafted by hand, their high quality and the unique talent of master glassmakers. The magic atmosphere of glass being blown and shaped, the smell of wooden moulds smouldering with the heat and the beauty of molten glass are sure to leave a strong impression.

Duration: 2 hours

Nižbor Glassworks

RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s. offers tours of the glassworks with a professional explanation of the operations for both individuals and groups. During the excursion the visitors will get to know the individual stages of producing glass crystal by hand, i.e. the furnaces, processing, designing and polishing.

Duration: 45 minutes

Glassworks in Poděbrady

The joint-stock company Crystal BOHEMIA was established on 28th November 2008 in order to preserve and to further develop the tradition of lead crystal production in Poděbrady. Crystal BOHEMIA a.s. became the owner of the glassworks on 29th April 2009 and, on 21st October of the very year, it put the factory into operation again after more than 12 months lasting shut-down.

Duration: 1 hour

image16Porcelain from Dubí

The porcelain with a blue pattern – blue onion porcelain, a product which bears the title of “Family silvers” since 2002. This porcelain is known around the world. Blue onion porcelain has been produced in Dubí since 1885 although the local history of porcelain has been recorded since 1864. The joint-stock company now offers over 660 styles of blue onion porcelains.

Duration: 1 hour

image17Mines in Březové hory

Exhibitions is located in area, where silver, uranium and other ores were extracted. Visitors can travel by train, both on the surface and in the underground of the mine. Tours are conducted through several miles of mining tunnels; visitors can travel down the pit in a mining lift and they can ride on the slide which leads to a giant water wheel.

Duration: 1 hour

image18Coal Safari

Czech Coal Energetic Company organizes excursions to the mining sites in full operation and reclamation called Coal safari since 2009. The public thus enables closely get acquainted with the technology of lignite mining, as well as restoration of landscape after mining.

Duration: 4,5 hour

image19Mining museum Mayrau

Visit the unique mining museum Mayrau, where the premises of the former coal mine stand. The tour is directed along the miners route before driving into the underground mine. Visitors are invited to go through the guild, chain-locker rooms, baths, lamp room and to the pits.

Duration: 1  hour

image20Museum of Silver

Take a trip to the Czech Museum of Silver and medieval silver mines! During the tour you will learn about the history of the royal upper town, you will learn how silver was mined and processed and learn about the important architectural treasures of the city Kutna Hora.

Duration: 1,5  hours

image21Brewery in Velké Popovice

Velké Popovice is a town famous chiefly for its brewery, which produces a range of popular Velkopopovický kozel beers. The Brewery is open to the public via tours and experience programmes. The tour starts at the Visitor’s Centre and continues through the picturesque brewery courtyard. You will visit our current brewhouse, where you will be acquainted with the process of brewing beer and the ingredients we use to make a beer. You will also find out something about the history of the brewery.

Duration: 1 hour

image22Special experience in the brewery Velkopopovická Kozlovna

The experiential program offers an unconventional tour of the brewery, including a tasting of unfiltered Velkopopovický Kozel beer in the lager cellars, a beer tapping workshop led by the brewer and a sit-down in the Velkopopovická Kozlovna restaurant.

Duration: 5 hours

image23Becher Museum

Becherovka is one of the best known products of Karlovy Vary. During a museum tour you will learn basics on the history, manufacturing, or storage of the liqueur. You will also see historical objects and a short instructional film. Becherovka can be bought in a local outlet store attached to the museum or enjoyed in the museum’s bar. Museum tours are organized for individuals and groups.

Duration: 1 hour

image24Tour of the wine cellars at the Karlstejn Castle

You can book a visit and a tour of the Karlstejn vineyard and cellar, along with wine tasting and small refreshment. You can also buy the original Karlstejn wine here. During September a historic wine festival with a great program in medieval style is held under Karlštejn Castle premises.

Duration: 1 hour

Budějovický Budvar Brewery Tours

Come and see how long tradition is effortlessly combined with modern technology, giving rise to the delicious taste of the world-famous lager Budweiser Budvar.  Enveloped in the aroma of Moravian malt and hops. You will see, how using top-quality domestic raw ingredients, own water drawn from wells over 300 metres deep and first-class brewer’s yeast, makes on of the best beers in the Czech Republic or in Europe.

Duration: 1 hour

image25Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour

The Pilsner Urquell brewery offers tours, which will impress beer fans and history lovers. You will view the original locations where the famous Pilsner Urquell beer was born 170 years ago, and whose story continues even today. From the Visitor Centre, we will travel by a brewery bus to one of the most modern bottling facilities, which processes 120,000 bottles per hour.  You will learn about the ingredients from which Pilsner Urquell beer is brewed. We will also show you the heart of the brewery, three brew houses from different centuries. The culmination of the tour is a tasting of unfiltered Pilsner Urquell beer in the historical cellars.

Duration: 100 minutes


image26Nestlé Chocolate Factory

The earliest mention of Nestlé is from 1890. The company Nestle Chocolate, Inc. Zora entered into the market in 1999. Zora Olomouc chocolate has become the largest producer of chocolate and sugar confectionery in the Czech Republic.

Duration: 2 hours

image18Mine „Michal“ in Ostrava

The tour includes places you had to go through as a miner, where the miner received the necessary facilities and equipment. You will pass through the dressing room, an office building and through a connecting bridge to the mining building, where miners boarded hoisting cages.

Duration: 1 hour

image27Winery Vatlice Underground

Take a tour to cellar labyrinth of the restored historic wine cellars, that are interconnected with a total length of 710 m. The Wine and refreshments are served by „sommeliers” – wine serving experts with knowledge of the local vineyard environment during the tour. You can also taste the wine. The tour in Valtice Underground is an exhibition of signed historic brick, fossils, as well as petrified horsetails, with commentary and accompaniment of traditional folk music.

Duration:  1 – 5 hours

image28Visitors’ Centre and tasting of wines in Louka Monastery

You will be invited to visit unique Premonstratensians cellars where almost 1.000.000 bottles have been aging in ideal temperature conditions. There is an excellent wine shop there, an art gallery and an interestingexhibition of wine-making and coopery. The town of Znojmo can be reached by the Tourist Sightseeing Train.

Duration:  1 – 2 hours

image29Eat and drink in Maravský sklípek restaurant

Besides a great selection of hot and cold dishes the restaurant Moravský sklípek offers a great selection of wines for very reasonable prices. After a good meal you can visit local vineyards. The vineyards near the village of Šatov are picturesque during every season.

Duration:  2 hours

image30Viticulture and Winemaking in Mikulov

The viticulture exhibit of the Regional Museum in Mikulov consists of three parts. First is the chateau cellar with its European rarity – a giant wine barrel dating from 1643. The second is a non-traditional installation entitled „Traditional Viticulture in Moravia“, and the third is a gallery of historic wine presses. The exposition is located in the chateau’s historic interiors, and connected in terms of theme, concept, and space.

Duration: 0,5 hour

image31Valtice Educational Vine Path

Total length: 5 km

The marked thematic educational path across Valtice and surroundings introduces the second largest vine centre of the Mikulov wine sub-region. The route is 5 km long and equipped with 19 trilingual information notice boards and begins in the Valtice square. Across the chateau the path continues to the Valtice vineyards above Valtice with a view of the whole Lednice-Valtice area.

Duration: 3 hours

image32Velké Bílovice

Welcome to The  Wine Cellar Na Vyhlídce, which is located in the wine town Velké Bílovice. Let us invite you to visit the family wine cellar. Come to enjoy a glass of beautiful Moravian wine. You can  book an accommodation during your trip around the stunning wine region. The memory of the lovely night spent in a traditional Moravian wine cellar will give you a new energy.

Duration: 3 hours

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