Beer Culture

Bohemian PubThe Czechs are proud  of Czech beer´s quality and taste. They produce unique bottom-fermented beer, the Czech lager. The most famous brands of Czech beer are Pilsner Urquell, the original Pils and Budvar and the original Budweiser. 

The Czech President Václav Havel has written an absurd play based on his experience when working in a Czech Brewery under the communists rules.  The protagonist of Jaroslav Hašek´s novel the good soldier Švejk said that the government that raises the price of beer is destined to fall within one year.

Fleků 2U Fleku pub and brewery

This pub with its own brewery is located in an ancient building dating back to 1499. Here you can sample the characteristic dark beer that has been brewed here since the 19th century. The restaurant is a large pub, restaurant and microbrewery rolled into one. This huge, sprawling tavern is a complex of rooms laid out in true European beer hall style. Each room has its own individual design: the Ancient Czech Hall, Academy Hall, Cabaret Hall, Large Lounge, Travelling-Case, Sausage, Vaclav’s Room, and the Hop-garden for a drink or bite to eat outside. The menu has a typical Czech selection of duck, pork, goulash, sausages and roast chicken, served with for example dumplings or potatoes, and cabbage. An accordionist plays all day and evening, making his way around the various halls, which adds to the beer hall atmosphere.

Plzeňská restauracePilsner Restaurant

It is one of the most beautiful pubs in Prague. This Czech pub, which is placed in the famous Municipal House in Art Nouveau style, offers original Czech cuisine and the tasty Pilsner beer. Every evening you can find there live accordion music. The performers are wearing traditional costumes, that were used in the 19th century in the countryside.

Come to enjoy the real Czech cuisine experience, while listening to the Czech traditional music. The ambience of this pub is simply amazing. It will engulf you very quickly. After or even before the delicious dinner you can visit one of the musical performances, that are on in the Municipal House.

U_KALICHAU Kalicha restaurant

This restaurant has all the elements necessary for a traditional Czech pub restaurant: hearty and plentiful Czech food, large beers and traditional Czech music. An accordion and tuba duo plays live every night. Walls of main dining hall are covered with cartoons of the literary character Good Soldier Svejk with quotes from Jaroslav Hasek book. The left empty places are filled with pictures of famous guests, even Vaclav Havel ate here.

Visiting this restaurant is almost compulsory part of the tour around the Old Prague and its history. You can spend there hours sitting, eating and enjoying the traditional Czech culture.

f11U Medvídků House of Beer

The House of Beer is located at the very city centre, few minutes from the Wenceslas Square. The history of building dates back to the 15th century and it keeps majority of the historical components such as Gothic trusses or timber ceilings until today. In the past there used to be one of the biggest Prague cabaret halls followed by one of the biggest beer halls. The House is hosting a hotel with historical rooms, restaurant and the mini-brewery, that is clearly the biggest attraction for the hotel guests. Foreigners as well as locals return here for the very tasty Czech traditional cuisine and for the famous original Budweiser beer. Those who are visiting the mini-brewery, have an opportunity to taste the strongest beer in the world, XBEER-33, which has been produced for decades according to an old historical recipe.


U Vejvodu is a historic pub and a beer hall that serves some of the freshest Pilsner Urquell beer in Prague, the restaurant  has a vibrant atmosphere, mostly with live accordion.

Strahov Monastery Restaurant

This restaurant is a large brew pub and restaurant, completely renovated in 2001 and located next to the Strahov Monastery near the Prague Castle. The brew pub and St. Norbert Restaurant are divided into two buildings with an outdoor area in between. The historic brewery from the 17th century brews the very tasty St. Norbert beer.

pivoPivovarsky dum

It is a popular Czech brew pub opened in 1998, frequented by locals on their lunch break and tourists on their quest for good Czech cooking in a smoke-free environment. If you feel adventurous, you can order flavoured beer from banana to coffee to blueberry, or speciality champagne beer that comes in a bottle and with a champagne flute. The restaurant also serves light and dark Czech lager and good unfiltered wheat beer.

Beer is the most popular beverage in the Czech Republic. Its production is characterised by a tradition going back centuries. Small as well as large breweries are to be found throughout the country. 

pivo-plzenVisit a Czech brewery with an educational programme and a study tour incl. degustation:

  • The Staropramen Brewery
  • Pilsner Urquell Brewery
  • Budweiser Budvar Brewery
  • Velke Popovice Brewery
  • The Krusovice Royal Brewery
  • Lobkowicz Brewery
  • Bernard Family Brewery
  • Pivovarsky Dvur Brewery
  • U_KALICHA 2Beroun Beer family Brewery
  • The Klaster Brewery
  • The Burgher´s Brewery in Strakonice
  • The Platan Brewery in Protivín
  • Bohemia Regent Brewery in Třeboň
  • The Chodov family Brewery in Chodová Planá
  • The Konrad Brewery Liberec
  • The Krakonos Brewery in Trutnov

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