krojeCzech folklore is a cultural tradition which has developed among the Czech nation over several centuries. Czech folklore is a mixture of both Christian and pagan customs. Nowadays it is preserved and kept alive by many folklore ensembles. They present traditional dances, songs, costumes during various folklore festivals or other performances.

The Czech Republic is divided into different ethnographic regions. Each of them has got its specific features, folklore traditions, songs and unique colourful costume. Each region could be recognized on it. There are little differences between costumes and the language among the regions. Namely we talk for example about Haná, Chodsko, Vsetínsko or Horácko region.

kroje 2Stary Vrch Restaurant 

Stary Vrch Restaurant offers a nice diner package with music, folk songs, dances and tasting of Moravian wines. You can enjoy a pleasant evening in a 130-years-old, completely renovated former barn at Starý Vrch in Stredokluky. The Stredokluky village is about 25 minutes´drive from Prague’s downtown and is only  4 km away from the international Vaclav Havel Airport. The guests can taste traditional Czech and Moravian home-made food,  wine, Slivovice spirit and, of course, Pilsner beer. Here you can recognise the real atmosphere of the Czech country, taste typical Czech dishes with Moravian wines, listen to popular folk songs and see the folk show in traditional costumes or even try some of the typical dances of various regions of the country performed by professional dulcimer players. It is possible to arrange various parties or seminars.

tanecCicovicky Dvur

“Court of village Cicovice” is located in the suburb of Prague, just 5 km from Prague airport and 15 minutes´ drive from nearest metro station. The whole building went through complete and sensitive reconstruction in order to preserve all original items of the typical Czech country house untouched and the original atmosphere of old times alive. You are more than welcome to come and experience the typical Czech evening featuring traditional Czech cuisine and show performed by dulcimer band with dancers dressed in the traditional folklore costumes. The most typical songs of old times will be played while you enjoy the best of the Czech famous dishes and drink the best beer in the world.

Symphonia Restaurant

This Restaurant is located in a wonderful garden of the Hotel International. The Symphonia restaurant offers a unique program of Czech and Slovak ethnic tradition and customs. The five member band in traditional costumes will entertain you with popular folklore music and dances „Csardás“ or „Mazurka“ – using original instruments such as bagpipes, dulcimer and the famous „Vozembouch“, a medieval instrument consisting of a bar, string and rattles.

The restaurant offers a variety of Bohemian and Slovak menus. Wines from the best cellars of South Moravia are served from a glass bowl placed on your table.

Folklore GardenFolklore Garden

Folklore Garden is located in Prague 5 district, well reachable by tram and car, with plenty of parking spaces in front of the building. The Restaurant has an extensive garden and it is decorated in a way to give an authentic traditional Czech village atmosphere. It is the right place where you can experience the Czech countryside atmosphere while being still in Prague. You will be welcomed with shot of “Medovina”, traditional sweet Czech liquor. Within two and half-hour you will watch the typical Czech folklore show performed by talented musicians and dancers wearing traditional colourful costumes. You can also learn Czech songs, try to dance Czech dances and above all you will dine the best of Czech cuisine, a traditional dinner will be served with unlimited drinks.

Detenice Medieval Tavern

Here you will be transported from the 21st century back to the Middle Ages. You will immediately feel the ancient energy radiating from the vaults and old stone walls. Each sentence shouted out by the clamorous staff and tones of medieval songs will make you feel as they did in yesteryear. Sit down on a wooden bench at a stone table and forget your everyday worries and become part of the Middle Ages. The local speciality is meat roasted on an open fire and other unique dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. Then all of sudden, a group of lovely dancers, and swordsmen will provide you with a night of entertainment. These are the real Middle Ages – you will be surrounded by conjurers, dossers, fakirs, dancers and medieval music. All the meal and drinks are served with considerably sharp words like in the Medieval Ages.

Pod Dračí skálou

Pod Draci Skalou Restaurant

It is a typical Bohemian restaurant offering traditional Bohemian Cuisine and a wide selection of gastronomy with cultural programs, brass band and degustation of local wines or fencing show. The restaurant is located 5 minutes from the Karlstein Castle. The interiors of the restaurant are decorated in the rustic way with exhibits showing the history of hunting, which was very popular handicraft in the past in the Czech lands.

After finishing the delicious traditional Czech meal, you can continue up to the castle and see any of its exhibitions. The tours will take you inside the rooms, where the King Charles IV lived.

U Marčanů

The Restaurant U Marcanu

This restaurant is located about 20 minutes´drive from the city centre, the restaurant offers menus of traditional Czech, Moravian and Slovak cuisine, the best Bohemian and Moravian wines and tasty Czech beer. In the evening there is a rich folk show programme accompanied by dulcimer folk music. You will hear many of Czech traditional songs, that you will definitely like because of its live rhythm.

Come to spend here an amazing evening, taste the delicious dishes and learn how to dance the traditional Czech dances. The atmosphere here will truly engulf you in!

_MKU6682 kopieShow U Fleku

This show is a masterpiece of Old Czech Music Folklore, it consists of a sequence of well-known old Prague and other international songs and tracks, humorous skits and beer competition. The evening spent in this traditional restaurant is an unforgettable experience and the easiest way how to explore the Czech customs.

Come to see and experience the real Czech tradition! This restaurant offers various tasty dishes and beverages. Time here will runs very quickly for your as the programme is very vivid and fun.

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